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Water Damage Restoration Service in Los Angeles, CA
The Experts Since 1976

our story

Family Owned & Operated for over 40 Years in Los Angeles, CA

For more than 40 years, our family has been delivering on our promise to  provide higher quality services that are both professionally dynamic yet  environmentally friendly. We pride ourselves on never delivering  anything less than a stellar performance to our clients. We apply sound principles of design using Eco-friendly tools to deliver  services that inspire. We look forward to working with you on your next project regardless of the size or scope. 

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family history

1st Generation- Cindy & James Monroe (Mother & Father)


Growing up in and around Los Angeles, CA has provided Jim and Cindy with a fine personal touch for an emergency disaster service business in  Southern California. In 1976, they set-out with a mission to change the  water  damage restoration industry one job at a time. From the  beginning, they  have striven to provide the highest quality work on  each job and overall  customer satisfaction. They truly are "The  Original Water Damage Specialists" TM

2nd Generation- Matthew Monroe (Son)


Growing up his entire life in and around the water damage restoration industry  has given Matt some good experience and guidance towards becoming the  Founder and Managing Member of California Restoration LLC in 2003. He  helps bring a Professionally Moral, Legal, and Ethical approach to the  cleaning & restoration industry. He continues in the footsteps of  the foundation laid out by his mother and father, on a path towards nurturing the family company for many generations to come.


Monroe's "The Original Water Damage Specialists" starts in 1976

Our family begins performing water extraction, carpet drying, cleaning, and disinfecting work in Los Angeles, CA. Water damage was not a known practice or industry at the time. Our family, friends, and a few other people were pioneers in what is known as today's Water Damage Restoration Industry.  

1980 - 1989

Self-Pioneered Crawlspace Cleanup Remediation

One of the first ever documented Crawlspace Remediation Projects using an Extraction, Cleanup, and Absorbent Method, self-pioneered by family plus friends. Other previous industry methods included applying highly caustic lye(lime) to simply cover up a problem, rather than cleanup and remediate. 

Natural Fogging Treatment

Even in our early days, our family was forward thinkers when it came to health and environmental issues. We we're one of the first water damage companies to ever use all natural disinfectants and cleaning solutions. The fogging helps with odor reduction and hard to reach areas. 

After Absorbent Application

In the beginning our family and friends saw a need to properly address water, sewage, odor, and mold damage underneath a structure, (crawlspace / basement). We sought out an all natural earth based absorbent material to help with the process. 

1990 - 1999

Advancing and Mastering our Work Techniques

After completing many jobs we began advancing and mastering our work techniques further. Each job provided our family with more insight and expertise for providing a more complete cleaning effort. 

Sewage Water Extraction

Our tech is in the thick of the damage and  doing initial sewage waste water extraction work, caused by a sewer backup, to help minimize and remove and standing water in the crawlspace. 

During Absorbent Application

Each Bag of Absorbent weighs 50 pounds and is hand brought into the low-ceiling and confined work area, which was also very muddy and wet before the application.

2000 - 2009

Mold Remediation Industry Further Expanded Work Quality

As the need to provide greater mold remediation awareness and services on each water damage project increased during this decade, California Restoration is created to combine and streamline water damage and mold remediation operations.

Mold Containment & Removal

20 Year Project Manager Experience

With over 20 years of company employment our Project Managers are highly trusted, respected, and experienced. Filipo V. is pictured here in the early 2000's at our Chatworth, CA headquarters.

2010 - 2018

40 Year Family Company

40 Years later were still ready anytime to Provide 24/7 Emergency Services with our experience gaining all the time. We never stop learning and working. 

For Help 24/7 Call Anytime: 1(800)208-2424

Or email us office@calrestco.com or contact us online.