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Outstanding Work References and Testimonials

Please check out our many outstanding work references and review testimonials from our customers. We have many other review references available upon request. From residential to commercial clients we have reviews from all sources here, including insurance claim work reviews too. 

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Victor & Sandra E. in Long Beach, CA

We would like to express our appreciation for the excellent job provided at our family home. We were overwhelmed by the flooding in our basement area. You responded immediately and expertly. The team/workers were professional and knowledgeable about our problem. The work was done with no complaints and taken care of within a very short time. A problem of this size (knee deep flooding) would never been completed by us. Thank you again for the excellent job and giving us a sense of security about our plumbing fiasco. Your company is highly recommended to anyone who needs assistance with this type of problem. Thank you again for your excellent work and consideration of our family needs.

Alan K. in Hollywood, CA

My wife and I recently experienced the trauma of a busted water heater pipe and the ensuing damage to the walls of our garage. Our contractor said, Call your company, they're the best. Out came two wonderful, polite and very competent Tonganese workers. They addressed the problem immediately and it wasn't easy as the garage had an accumulation of 'stuff' from many years. Mid-way your office staff came out to see how the work was going, and he too was polite, knowledgeable and professional. And through it all, you soother our concerns and commiserated with the disruption in our lives. You were always calm and reassuring and it was a pleasure to deal with you. In fact, all of these people worked to lessen our actual problem and the psychological impact of it. You are indeed fortunate to have so many fine and competent people working for you.

Sherry T. in La Crescenta, CA

I just want you to know how professional and kind your entire staff was to me during my recent water disaster. Your office staff was very calming and also seems very efficient. You technicians did a very good job in my unit. I tried to post a 5 star rating online but I am not very good at the computer. I hope my positive review actually made it. When you are faced with a mess you need people in your life who actually care. So many companies no longer believe in customer service. My experience with your company was very positive. Please let your techs know how much I appreciated their professionalism and human kindness. I hope I don't need your services again but I would not hesitate to recommend your company.

Debra P. & Kevin C. in Culver City, CA

We would like to thank you and your crew for the outstanding job, well done. I am truly impressed with your professionalism and the kindness you have shown us. You followed through on all your promises and were punctual and efficient in all areas of service. I would recommend you to anyone who could use your services in the future. Thank you Again.  

Dorothy B. in Los Angeles, CA

I must express my thanks for the help and adjustments you have given me. I really appreciate all your kindness and time you have given me. I hope one day to see you to say thanks in person. 

Helen A. in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Thank you very much indeed for job well done by your staff. I wish all service providers were as organized, have had knowledge of work they do, as your staff. I wish you all success and happiness for yours to come!

Insurance Work Reviews

Don B. in San Pedro, CA

We are very happy with the work that your firm did and remain concerned with the restoration path that Our Insurance would have recommended. We hope that you continue to inform the public and your business compadres about the very real concerns of limiting underwater crawl space restoration to chemical treatment of soil followed up by use of a heavy plastic cover over the flooded site. Thanks, because I have learned a lot from you during this experience.  

Michael G. in Redondo Beach, CA

I want to thank you and your staff for the professionalism and courtesy that you extended to me during this ordeal. Damage to one's home is a very stressful and emotional experience. Your crews and your personal consistent communications with me and with my insurance helped to comfort us during this particularly stressful time.Thank you. 

Fran G. in Laguna Niguel, CA

After we discovered water coming up through the boards in our wooden floor, we called your company to dry out the damage once the leak was repaired. A team was sent out the very same day we call called and set the fans and dehumidifiers up to begin to drying process. They were very thorough in detecting the wet spots in the floors and arranging the machinery to address the moisture problem. The crew was very professional and competent; we would definitely recommend your company to anyone unfortunate enough to have a pipe leak. 

Tina N. in Century City, CA

 I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent service that I received from your crew this past week. They handled everything professionally and with great care and concern. I feel privileged to have had them come out in the middle of the night to help us when we had water leaking into our kitchen from the floor above. They took the utmost care of our home. I was so impressed by their expertise, and thanks to them, we do not have to rip out any dry wall or deal with any mold. I was overwhelmed when they were so accommodating for my schedule as well (since I had doctor appointments) They were also prompt and on time! They are such kind gentlemen and they were a such pleasure to work with! Please convey my gratitude and give my best regards to your technicians! If I ever hear of anyone needing service, I will make sure they call your company. Thank you again for the outstanding service. 

Barbara Y. in Los Angeles, CA

Your Company has, for more than a week been working with my husband and me concerning water damage to our house. We called them  on the advice of our plumbers, who were excellent. Your Company came out the very day we called them. Since that time they have been professional in every respect and provided outstanding service and worked with our schedules and lives. Because we had water damage, they conducted the necessary tests to determine  damage and installed dehumidifiers and air purifiers to rectify the problem. The machines were in several rooms of the house for the last week. Your Technicians came by several times during the week to monitor progress and to take the readings necessary to determine when the house would again have structural integrity. I really have nothing but praise for your company. From the beginning, from your techs to your office staff, the owner, they have been outstanding in every way. They took a problem that could have grown to huge proportions and managed it with competence and professionalism. 

Rosa F. - Insurance Claims Property Appraiser

It's very difficult within the industry to come across a vendor who would be willing to review and negotiate an estimate after the fact. This says a lot about your company. We review all estimates from both approved and non approved vendors, to make sure we pay within industry standards for all reasonable and necessary work to be completed. I appreciate your initiative to take the time to look over and adjust your estimate and taking into consideration the circumstances. Wish all the great holiday season!!


Magnet & Penetrant Lab in Arleta, CA

This letter is in regards to the services provided to our business. We experienced vandalism resulting in a flooding of eight areas in our offices. Your company was contacted on our behalf to assist us in the water damage drying process. You were prompt and attentive to our needs. Their personnel were very attentive to detail and spent all day at our facility ensuring that the moisture in the building was being handled in a professional manner. They returned to our facility regularly to ensure that the equipment they had set-up was working properly and that the moisture in the building was diminishing. When I contacted your company via the telephone to ask questions they were very helpful and informative. I feel that you were more responsive to the needs of their client than that of my insurance carrier. This claim was reported at 8:30 AM in the morning and I did not even speak to a representative from my insurance carrier until after 12:00 PM. By that time you were already actively addressing our needs. When water damage occurs it must be dried in order to prevent any long term side effects such as mold. Drying can only be accomplished using equipment that removes moisture and generates heat. We had 24 units running to effectively remove the moisture in our building; thus generating a significant amount of heat. Not only was heat an issue but with water damage you have a humidity issue, this issue has absolutely nothing to do with the equipment it is an immediate effect of moisture. It is the opinion of the management our company that your company acted responsibly, professionally. 

Tennis Club in Rolling Hills, CA

Your Company has always done excellent work for my company. My customers have only had great experiences with them. 

Music Center in San Marino, CA

Thank you, from Management!

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